About MentorMatch


The FPA MentorMatch program has been put together to support the continued professional development needs of our members.  Go here to see the program overview and requirements.  View fellow members' testimonials here.

MentorMatch allows you the flexibility to create a mentor relationship based on your needs.

For those who have chosen the six month program, this consists of a sequence of structured activities during a six month mentor-mentee relationship.  People can connect either by phone/email or in-person.  Members may enroll in as many of the six-month programs as desired. 

Six-Month Program benefits/highlights:

*  A supportive environment which provides guidance to both mentees and mentors on how to create a successful relationship.
*  A clear start and end date, which provides clarity around the duration of mentor-mentee engagement.  
*  Kick-off call where expectations can be set and mentees are coached on how to set their goals for the engagement.  
*  A Program “check-in call” around 2 months in to share best practices and ideas.  
*  Wrap-up call to celebrate successes.

The next six-month program starts July 2014.


Guidance for All Mentor/Buddy Participants to Get Started

Our mentoring program features a user-driven mentor matching resource. This unique tool is designed to help members around the world find and connect with one another to establish mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.


Step one:  Enroll as a mentor, a mentee, or both!  It only takes a moment to do. 

Step two:  Search the member database to find mentors and/or mentees.  You can choose how you want to connect -- either at an FPA meeting, by phone or in-person.

Step three:  Send an invitation to the mentors or mentees who are the best fit for you.  You can do this by visiting here to search for mentees and here to search for mentors.  Once you have found a mentor/mentee you like, click on the mentee/mentor badge under their picture (see image) to send them an invitation to connect.

Want to check on the status of your mentoring relationships to see if you invitation has been accepted?  Go to "My Mentoring Relationships."

Once your invitation is accepted, you can then connect based on how you want to connect.  If taking part in the six month program, attend the getting-started call in January (date and time to come), which will provide you with guidelines on how to get the most out of your mentoring experience.


As a member of our online mentoring community, you can take advantage of other features such as tracking your mentoring relationships and searching for helpful mentoring resources.