Just How Important is the Trustee of an Estate?

By Neel Shah, Trusts|Estates|Law posted 07-10-2015 09:41


Placing an individual in the role of trustee for your estate is something that should be done with care. This person will serve as a fiduciary, remaining responsible for managing your assets. It’s important that the trustee and the person hiring such an individual understand that trusteeship is not a quick or simple job. This position requires energy, common sense, and willingness to focus on the finer details. 

When hiring a trustee, it’s important to be clear about all details and be willing to reconsider the relationship if life conditions of either party change over time. If you are not comfortable with an individual serving in this role, institutional trusteeship is one option.

Going this route means you’ll get unemotional expertise and likely experience in serving in such a role. This decision should only be made after you have consulted carefully with an experienced attorney who can walk you through the pros and cons of having an individual trustee versus an institutionalized one. Get our help at [email protected].