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03-11-2015 12:55

Guidance on how to make revisions to discussion posts that you have made.

Go to "Reply to Discussion" link as shown below and click on drop down "edit". On "Edit Discussion" page, once done making changes, scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on "save" button.

A few points of explanation.

If you edit your post by midnight of the day that you create it, the daily digest will include these changes.

If you make changes after the daily digest has been sent, your edits will not be included and will not generate another email. Edits will only affect where your post lives on FPA Connect's site. If you were just fixing typos, then changing the web version alone should suffice. But if you had a substantial edit to share, you might want to repost to make sure that people are aware of this change.

You only have permissions to edit or delete your own posts. A quick word on deleting - even if you now have what you need, our rule of thumb is that you leave your post on the site for the benefit of others who might be looking for similar knowledge.

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