Ms. Anja Luesink, MBA CFP® RLP® CeFT®

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Luesink Stenstrom Financial
New York, NY
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Anja Luesink , MBA CFP® RLP®CeFT®  is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and Investment Advisor.  She is managing partner in Luesink Stenstrom Financial. She is passionate about helping clients transform their life so it is meaningful  and reflects their deepest desires. She helps them achieve their life goals and feel at ease about their finances. She is a Registered Life Planner ®.

She realizes that money is a very complicated and personal topic and specifically so when clients are in a Life Transition. When a big change in their personal lives takes place, clients need more then only technical financial planning. As such she pursued the training for Certified Financial Transitionist™ at the Sudden Money institute and now attends their Mastery Program.

Besides Financial Planning and Investment Management specialties of her company are:
-          Life Planning
-          Working with clients in Financial Life Transitions (Widows, divorcees,  retirement, receiving a large inheritance or winning the lottery)
-          Social Security Planning and Medicare
-          Cross-border Financial Planning
She has been teaching Financial Planning topics in many programs for the FPA NY ProBono Committee, most recently in the WISE organized MoneyWise program for domestic violence survivors.  For her pro bono work and her role in the financial planning community she received the Heart of Financial Planning Award from the FPA.

Honors and Awards

Heart of Financial Planning
Financial Planning Association