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Sample Essay on Information Systems and Knowledge Management

Knowledge management principles are especially vital in IT industry as it is the most rapidly developing of all and the speed of knowledge accumulation is truly spectacular. However, a problem arises out of this: knowledge is not distributed through the whole organization but rather concentrated in a limited group of specialists. One of the reasons to it is the notion that “knowledge is power” and in such a way people who possess certain knowledge unavailable to others can gain some importance in the organization.

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Therefore, in a recommendation to an online book supplier I would like first of all to reinforce the statement that knowledge has to be distributed evenly throughout the organization to assure its effective work. This can be achieved in several ways: setting up an intranet with a forum where employees can post information, create an email newsletter or arrange brainstorming sessions. Employees should be encouraged to share, and contributions should be rewarded to motivate the staff.


However, not all information submitted is useful. Therefore, it would be advisable to appoint experts in separate fields which possess a great body of knowledge and can critically assess the information submitted. Of course, their decision is not final – in knowledge management it is necessary to avoid authoritative techniques – but senior staff should participate in such evaluations. It is not only useful but also shows these employees that their experience is highly valued by the company.

Finally, external sources can also help with knowledge management. Employees should be encouraged to learn new things and implement them in practice. The best practice results should be announced right away and implemented in general work of the organization to enhance its productivity. Your online bookshop should become a learning organization, that is, an organization, which constantly develops and perfects its work practice.


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