February FPA DEI Learning Series: The Inspiring Story of the Waller Family

When:  Feb 22, 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

Please join the African American Knowledge Circle on February 22nd at 2 pm ET for the February FPA DEI Learning Series as we celebrate Black History Month. 

We'll be joined by Jewel Waller Davis and her sisters Joyce Waller Baden and Betty Waller Gray.  Jewel is the wife of LeCount Davis who is the founder of the Association of African American Financial Advisors and the first Black CFP. 

They will share the inspirational story of their family in Richmond, Virginia from 1900 through today.  Their grandfather established a jewelry business in Richmond in 1900 which still exists today as Waller & Company Jewelers and their grandmother completed Richmond Colored Normal School and became a teacher.  Despite living in the capital of the Confederacy during a period of intense racism, they relied on their faith, trusted God, survived and thrived.

They just released a book called "Our Shining Legacy" which chronicles the story of the sisters coming of age in segregated Virginia during the 1940-1960's along with the stories of their grandparents and parents who they credit for providing them a model for endurance and success as adults.

We can all learn from their experience, entrepreneurship, perseverance and faith.  Join us for what will be an impactful and inspiring discussion.