Learn the What, Why and How of Building (and Transitioning) a ‘Life Centered’ Financial Planning Pra

When:  Dec 14, 2021 from 15:00 to 16:00 (ET)
The December 2021 Business Success Knowledge Circle will be held on Tuesday, December 14th at 3 pm ET.

Guest speaker Robert Bolen will be presenting, "Learn the What, Why and How of Building (and Transitioning) a ‘Life Centered’ Financial Planning Practice."

Building a quality financial planning practice requires a systematic, repeatable approach to client discovery and recommendation development. Incorporating “life centered” (qualitative) client data requires additional knowledge and skills. Helping client’s stay on course toward goal achievement as their lives ebb and flow can be the bane of an advisor’s existence. Someday, after you’ve built your practice, you’ll likely want to transition to your next phase of life; a life well lived.

  • Learn the basic concepts of “Life Centered” Financial Planning.
  • Understand how our brains are wired to keep us from our goals.
  • Understand the “What, Why and How” of a client’s goals and aspirations.
  • Learn repeatable life centered interviewing techniques
  • Learn how to keep a client on course as life ebbs and flows.
    • What Knocks Clients off Track?
    • What Keeps Clients on Track?
  • How to successfully transition your practice when the time comes.

Robert V (Bob) Bolen, CFA, CFP®, is founder and CEO of Touchstone Pathway, a digital client data gathering and decision support platform serving financial advisors. Between 2003-2020, he founded, built up and then sold Envision Wealth Planning, a Nashville, TN area, fee only, life centered wealth planning firm. Prior to that, between 1986-2000, Bob was a financial/securities analyst, eventually covering technology and communications companies. Bob received his MBA from Indiana University in 1986 and his BS in Accounting from Western KY University in 1983. He is a Certified Financial Transitionist® as well as a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®.