The "UP" Side of Estate Planning

When:  Aug 17, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)
The August 2021 Tax & Estate Planning Knowledge Circle will be held on Tuesday, August 17th at 2 pm ET.

Guest speaker Curtis Kaiser will be presenting, "The "UP" Side of Estate Planning."

Many of your clients have used your guidance to thoughtfully plan for themselves and “down” for their children or other beneficiaries. Looking to the "up"side, have their parents done the same? We’ll give you tools to help your clients communicate with their parents about: asset alignment, avoiding double taxation and protecting beneficiaries against losing assets to lawsuits or divorce. We'll also provide basic questions to help your clients determine whether their parents’ plan is on track or is set up to cause headache/heartache and increased taxes.

Curtis Kaiser is a Board Certified Estate Planning Specialist . This commitment to specialization led him to develop what he calls “Purposeful Planning for the Millionaire Next Door®.” This is a client-centered model that focuses on sensible financial decisions to accumulate and sustain family wealth in all of its forms, across generations . Clients who are a part of the firm’s Legacy Program are assisted in aligning assets with their estate plan up front and over time. Kaiser Law Group also proactively and reactively updates the estate plan to reflect changes in goals, assets, family situations and the law. Finally, Family Meetings with clients, their advisors and beneficiaries take place to ensure that everyone understands and the overall purpose of the estate plan and their role in the plan, thus minimizing the potential for serious conflict.