The Triple-decker Club Sandwich Generation

When:  Jul 18, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

The July 2024 Financial Counseling call with AFCPE and FPA will be held on Thursday, July 18th at 12 pm ET.

Guest speaker Sheryl Finkel Murphy, Founder/CEO of Madrina Molly will be presenting, "The Triple-decker Club Sandwich Generation."

Our families have become “everything everywhere all at once.” In this webinar we will discuss supporting kids, parents, and partners simultaneously once you realize that nobody is going anywhere anytime soon.  What does it mean, to have four and five generations living contemporaneously? How can we help our clients navigate this?

We’ll consider three areas:

1) Family is a fixed expense: If we are helping adult children and elderly parents we need to account for both the spend and the time commitment realistically.  Nobody will be a stranger to caregiving.  We must be prepared.

2) You are here (and so is everyone else). We will see more housing struggles of parents and children due to the high barriers to home ownership, the lack of accessible inventory to which elders can downsize and the lack of infrastructure for childcare and eldercare that currently plagues us.

3) Let’s not create a new problem. Depending on the geography, our loved ones may qualify for subsidies or benefits. It’s important that our financial assistance does not disqualify anyone from these benefits.


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