Beyond the Math: Succession, Continuity and the Wealth of Considerations Beyond "How Much Is My Firm

When:  Sep 11, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)
The September Business Success Knowledge Circle will be held on Wednesday, September 11 at 3 pm ET.

Guest speakers Wendy Hartman and David Levin of Buckingham Family and Financial Services will be presenting, "Beyond the Math: Succession, Continuity and the Wealth of Considerations Beyond "How Much Is My Firm Worth?"

Ensuring the best possible outcome for business succession or continuity goes well beyond the question, "How much is my firm worth?" In this meaningful, inspiring, actionable conversation, Wendy and David provide fresh perspectives and helpful answers related to the most important factors RIA owners and advisors should consider when seeking to maximize the value and experience they've built with their firms. "Beyond the Math" is about sharing multi-faceted, highly relevant ideas designed to help FPA members secure the brightest possible future for their clients, their teams, and themselves.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How to really approach the question of IF they are ready to consider a transaction or some kind of succession or continuity plan.
  • What to think about – how to set up appropriate criteria – when it comes to selecting a transaction partner
  • Developing an appreciation of the many factors and elements that go into a highly successful transaction
  • Having a broader awareness of the important perspectives clients and employees may have when going through this process

As President of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Wendy Hartman is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the firm by working with the board of directors 

and advisory department leaders to oversee and implement goals and team plans to achieve our firm's strategic priorities.

She is charged to ensure the effective delivery of our overall client experience in conjunction with our advisor experience. Her leadership of the firm is not a responsibility she takes lightly. After decades of serving as a wealth advisor, she understands firsthand the power and reward of watching clients, their children and sometimes grandchildren meet their financial goals. She is proud to lead a firm that safeguards so many financial futures and allows clients to spend their time enjoying life and fulfilling their dreams that matter most.

As chief operating officer of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services, David Levin focuses his time and energy on helping Buckingham's advisory teams obtain the resources and support they need to deliver a dynamic and consistently outstanding client experience.

David's passion for the Buckingham client experience is rooted in his own journey from do-it-yourself investor to Buckingham client back in 2010. As a former business owner and primary breadwinner for a family of four, he understands the confidence, assurance and restful nights that can come with having a comprehensive plan and set of solutions specially tuned to each client's unique needs and objectives.  David's work has earned coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company magazine, and he's appeared on National Public Radio, CNBC and MTV


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