Conversation is Key: Now is the time to show your clients what you understand...about them

When:  Oct 11, 2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 (ET)
The October 2022 Business Success Knowledge Circle will be held on Tuesday, October 11th at 3 pm ET.

Guest speakers Carrie Nelson and Dr. Lamar Pierce will be presenting, "Conversation is Key: Now is the time to show your clients what you understand...about them."

Plan success is driven less by markets and more by clients’ emotions. You know that, but do your clients? For many investors, a shaky market and uncertainty evokes stress behaviors. In this environment, who should Advisors call first? What should you say? Do you understand the influence the “quiet one” has on financial decisions? Your business will grow or shrink based on the answers.

This program introduces you to Atlas Point and how it helps you coach your clients through troubled waters. Explore how to differentiate your value proposition by understanding what is going on INSIDE your clients. Leave this discussion with a plan you can implement easily and immediately –accelerating relationships with your prospects and clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use 5 minutes of insights to gain ongoing deeper client conversations
  • Ways to tailor outreach to your clients and prospects efficiently and effectively with behavioral insights
  • What the ‘quiet partner’ is thinking, and what you should do

Carrie Nelson is a corporate executive-turned entrepreneur passionate about helping Financial Advisors and investors have better, more empathetic financial conversations. Carrie brings over 20 years of experience to Atlas Point, including consulting, business development, and entrepreneurship. She gained much of her expertise as a data strategy leader at Experian, Principal at EY, and Head of Firm Strategy at Edward Jones.

Through her wealth management consulting experience, Carrie identified an opportunity to connect character science and behavioral finance to empower people to express how they think and feel about money, leading to more personal and personalized financial conversations that drive real results.

Dr. Lamar Pierce is an economist and behavioral scientist focused on improving productivity and sales performance through experimentation and data analytics.

Lamar is Professor of Organization & Strategy at Washington University in St Louis and was previously on the faculty at University of Texas and Carnegie Mellon University and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

He has published over forty peer-reviewed papers in economics, psychology, and management.