Blockchain & Cryptocurrency - Part 2

When:  Aug 28, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)
The Investment Planning Knowledge Circle is happy to welcome back Bobby Henebry from HBCC, LLC for part 2 of his presentation on Blockchain & Cryptocurreny.

Bobby Henebry, CFA, is Founder and CEO of Henebry Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting, LLC (HBCC). He is an early adopter of mining cryptocurrencies and established an Ethereum mining operation in 2016.  He consults with power companies and startups interested in learning about the space. In addition, he works with startups (mainly in applications of blockchain) to help them think about strategy, craft their message, and connect with potential investors.

In this second installment, Bobby will be discussing a framework to think about investing in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

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