April 2020 Women & Finance Knowledge Circle - Book Report

When:  Apr 9, 2020 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)
The April 2020 Women & Finance Knowledge Circle will be held on Thursday, April 9th at 2 pm ET.

Women & Finance KC Host Eleanor Blayney will be giving a "book report" on a book that should be mandatory reading for all women in business:  The Confidence Code, by authors Katty Kay & Claire Shipman.

The authors take a simple question  -- Why are women less confidenet than men, even when they are equally competent, and often better educated?  Their search for answers takes  them all over the world, interviewing psychologists, neurologists, geneticists, anthropologists and women leaders to tease out the origins of confidence.  Is it something we can acquire, or something we are born with?  Are we held captive by gender stereotyping, where men are who take charge are praised for leadership , whereas  women who do the same are considered as bossy or the other b-word?  

If you have time and are able to, download a copy on your iPad or Kindle and read before the Knowledge Circle and join Eleanor for a great conversation.  

Eleanor will also be posting one significant finding from the book each day from now until the webinar to get the conversation going.


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