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    Meet the Hosts
    of our
    Retirement Planning Knowledge Circle


    Bob Rall 

    will focus on Retirement Income Distribution

    *  Nathan Gehring will focus on Practice Efficiencies

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    Does Budgeting Really Work?
    Does Budgeting Really Work?

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  1. Catherine M. Seeber, CFP®
    Catherine M. Seeber, CFP®

    Wescott Financial Advisory Group, LLC
    Philadelphia, PA

    578 Points

  2. Elizabeth W. Jetton, CFP®
    Elizabeth W. Jetton, CFP®

    Elizabeth Jetton
    Atlanta, GA

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  3. Maria T. Eckert
    Maria T. Eckert

    FPA of New Jersey & New York
    Upper Montclair, NJ

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In The Know


  • Joan M. Most, CFP®

    RE: Same-sex marrage after Windsor by CFFP Professor...

    Posted in: Financial Planning...

    Hello Stuart, Will there be a replay available? I am volunteering that day and will be out of the office. I doubt I would remember to tune in at 5:00 pm NY time, but if a replay is available I'd be interested. Best, Joan M. Most, CFP...

  • Stuart H. Armstrong, II, CFP®,CLU®,CLTC,ADPA

    Same-sex marrage after Windsor by CFFP Professor...

    Posted in: Financial Planning...

    Gregg Parrish has put together an update for presentation which was given recently in Nashville and there has been interest. Same Sex Marriages after Windsor by Professor Gregg Parish, JD. Mr. Parish will give an update on the status of...

  • photo not available

    Social Media and Client Testimonials

    Posted in: Social Media Mark...

    I am looking for a firm that currently uses social media and client testimonials. If you do, what social media outlets do you use? Thank you!!

  • Lubomir C. Christoff, ChFC

    RE: International Community is now a Knowledge Circle...

    Posted in: International Cro...

    Thanks, Lauren and Greetings everyone, My name is Lubo Christoff and I feel honored to be selected as one of the hosts for this knowledgeable and vibrant community. After having been exposed to the financial choice and confusion the average American...

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