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    Does Budgeting Really Work?
    Does Budgeting Really Work?

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  1. Louis B. Llanes, CFA
    Louis B. Llanes, CFA

    MacroTrend Strategies, LLC
    Greenwood Village, CO

    1116 Points

  2. Craig R. Larsen, CFP®, ChFC
    Craig R. Larsen, CFP®, ChFC

    AHC Advisors, Inc.
    St Charles, IL

    616 Points

  3. Catherine M. Seeber, CFP®
    Catherine M. Seeber, CFP®

    Wescott Financial Advisory Group, LLC
    Philadelphia, PA

    443 Points

In The Know


  • Sam Hull, CFP®(Ret.), CPCC

    RE: interested in succession planning

    Posted in: Exit Planning for...

    Brian: While I am very impressed by the technical credentials and work experience you have listed in your posting, there are a couple of attributes that are essential for someone looking to become part of the succession plan in a small to middle...

  • Lubomir C. Christoff, ChFC

    RE: "The best advisors are fee-only advisors."

    Posted in: International Cro...

    Hello, Zoltan, Many thanks for sharing this info on the German regulatory landscape. Especially helpful for people like me, who do not "shprehen" Deutsch. Have a great weekend.

  • Lubomir C. Christoff, ChFC

    RE: The best advisors are fee-based advisors

    Posted in: International Cro...

    Hi Lovaii, Thanks for your message I totally agree with you. Talking is not enough. Who will put up a hand? I would think that winners and runner-ups to the GPAwards should qualify as reviewers, no questions asked. Your thoughts? Again,...

  • Brett T. Holmes, CRPC®

    2014 Baltimore Financial Planning Day

    Posted in: FPA of Maryland -...

    Invest in the lives of Maryland residents of all ages by volunteering for the Baltimore Financial Planning Day (BFPD)! The 2014 BFPD is rapidly approaching. There are still a few volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested, please click...

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