Selling a Timeshare/Vacation Membership

I have a client who is looking to sell their Vacation Club Membership (virtually the same as a timeshare) and was wondering if there is a well known, reputable company that I can refer them to. Through some research I have done, I found a website called that was able to provide a quote for them, but I am unsure how reliable this website truly is. If anyone has any insight on the company I mentioned or knows of a good company or contact that you can refer me to that would be great. Any recommendations or information is much appreciated. 


James Ronn



11 hours ago

Thank you for the recommendation, Rick. We did utilize the website and referred our client to work with them. We appreciate your help, have a great day!
I can't speak to how reputable however, Dave Ramsey endorses these folks. I think they give you a free quote.  Good luck!

12 days ago

​I would like to know as well.  As my wife just asked me to try to get rid of her Mother's timeshare.