Avoid Asset Protection Scams

By Neel Shah, Trusts|Estates|Law posted 06-17-2015 10:04


Although there is plenty of good advice out there about asset protection, there are also some unfortunate scams you should be aware of. Make sure that whoever you work with on asset protection has credentials to back up their experience; this may involve a background in international law or taxes. 

Be aware that sometimes what is passed off as decent advice can land you in hot water: for example, it’s a common misconception that offshore accounts are not searchable. This is not entirely true, and you should consult with an experienced asset protection attorney to learn more about the best way to guard your wealth.

Before meeting with an advisor, review his or her background and consider asking for references from current clients. You’ll want to get a complete picture of the individual you’re working with before agreeing to sign on the dotted line. Your asset protection is extremely important, and it’s worth verifying that you’re working with a highly-qualified individual or team at the outset. We’re here to help: [email protected].