Goals, Accountability and the Art of Saying No

When:  Feb 10, 2022 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)
The February 2022 Women & Finance Knowledge Circle will be held on Thursday, February 10th at 2 pm ET.

Guest speaker Lisa Callahan will be presenting, "Goals, Accountability and the Art of Saying No."

Personal and professional goals are top of mind at the beginning of each year and in many ways, those goals are a form of self-care.  But the question sometimes quickly becomes - How do I do it all? Given the daily responsibilities we all face with work, family, friends, etc., it is easy to forget to allocate time for self-care. Lisa will guide us through a series of discussions and exercises that give us additional confidence in making our goals happen while truly understanding the meaning of self-care. 
Lisa will give us some tools to make sustainable, long-term changes and teach us strategies to reframe our thinking and empower our progress while helping us explore tactics that allow us to find what can be nourished in our lives, and rediscover how to take care of ourselves too! 

Lisa Callahan began her professional coaching journey as a Weight Watchers Leader in 2004, teaching people how to have a healthy relationship with food, and started her own practice as a Certified Health and Life Coach by founding Transformation for Real in 2017. As she expands her coaching expertise and continues to support other coaches through the Health Coach Institute, she has worked with hundreds of individuals along the way.

How does she do it? Lisa lets each client know that she believes they can make their goals happen even if they aren’t so sure (yet). Then she shows them how it’s possible to make sustainable, long-term changes to their lives, teaches them strategies to reframe their thinking and empower their progress, and consistently supports them throughout their journey so they trust themselves and the decisions they are making.