Tax Tips and Tricks Thru My Career

When:  Nov 21, 2023 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

The November Tax & Estate Planning Knowledge Circle will be held on Tuesday, November 21st at 2 pm ET.

Guest speaker Mark Prendergast will be presenting, "Tax Tips and Tricks Thru My Career."

Mark will take us thru 20 or more vignettes of tax and estate planning strategies that he has successfully employed during 40+ year career.  The purpose is to reveal client solutions and strategies that the planner can employ currently or in the future.  Some will be very recognizable, and therefore a review of fundamental strategies.  We are confident that there will be a number of “Ah Ha” moments for others.  Please join us for about 40 minutes of presentation followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

Mark Prendergast MS CPA CFP® CDFA® is a repeat offender in the Tax and Estate Knowledge Circle, as well as FPA Connect in general.  He has served FPA in two local chapters, regional conferences, state chapter, and on FPA national board of directors.  He currently serves as a tax planning specialist in the Huntington Beach office of Apella Wealth where his main focus is tax, estate, and divorce planning.  Mark has provided continuing education sessions at FPA (Retreat, Annual Conference), CalCPA, Wealth Counsel, IDFA, and NAPFA.