July FPA DEI Learning Series: Bridging the Gapof Intergenerational Communication

When:  Jul 28, 2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 (ET)
The July FPA DEI Learning Series presentation will be held on Thursday, July 28th at 3 pm ET.

FPA National Board member George Fernandez will be presenting, "Bridging the Gapof Intergenerational Communication."

In this session, we’ll discuss the challenge and opportunity as multiple generations work alongside each other. This is likely the first time in history that we could have up to 4 distinct generations working alongside one another. What does this mean for you and your firm and how might you manage the communication gap that occurs? We’ll address issues such as how we manage expectations, leverage the strengths of each generation,and how following stereotypes gets you and your team into trouble. We’ll also talk about the opportunity for career paths that will maximize the next generation of planners.

Learning Objectives Include:
  • Why bridging the gap is important?
  • How our generational tendencies impact our communication
  • How 5 key skills will help reduce generationalbarriers
  • How to maximize generational opportunity with NexGen Advisors and clients
  • Applying what we’ve learned

George Fernandez is professional business coach and consultant specializing in the insurance and financial services industry.

With 36 years of experience in retail banking, lending, property & casualty, wealth management, product management and financial technology platform management, George is uniquely positioned to bring objectivity to his clients’ business objectives. In addition to developing and maintaining hundreds of client and advisor resources used to grow and support their business, George has helped hundreds of advisors and several firms with the financial planning related technology selection, vendor management, deployment, and user adoption.

George has held numerous volunteer positions within FPA and the FPA of Greater Kansas City, including CLC Development Committee member, OneFPA Transition Task Force member, and president and chair of the board of directors for his local chapter.

George Fernández, MBA, CFP®, currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®)and is the board liaison for the NexGen Community