Financial Infidelity

When:  Aug 18, 2022 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)
The August Financial Counseling call with AFCPE and FPA will be held on Thursday, August 18th at 12 pm ET.

Guest speakers Brenda McCafferty and Tom Bailey will be presenting, "Financial Infidelity."

Financial infidelity can happen when couples combine their finances and then lie to each other about their spending.  This type of infidelity can have devastating and severe consequences on relationships, such as couples, parents/children, friends, or roommates. During this webinar, we will discuss what financial infidelity is, how to recognize it, ways to overcome it, and steps to take to avoid it.

Brenda McCafferty: As an Outreach Manager, Brenda provides training and support to Higher Education Institutions/Students. Brenda began her career in high education in 1998. She holds her Bachelor from Blue Mountain College and her Master of Public Policy and Administration from Mississippi State University. Brenda became an AFC in 2008 and loves working with schools and students to help individual during financial challenges.

Tom Bailey: As an Outreach Manager, Tom provides training and support to Higher Education Institution. Tom began his career in higher education in 1990 and has worked in the areas of education finance, enrollment management and financial literacy. Tom has been in money management at ECMC for more than seven years and is an AFCPE AFC.


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