Cash-Flow Crunch: Helping Your Clients Manage Their Cash Flow Better

When:  Feb 14, 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

This presentation addresses the unique financial challenges that young clients often face. Young clients frequently have various income streams, including their base salary, bonuses, stock options, side projects, investments, and freelancing gigs. Understanding and managing these income sources is pivotal to financial success in the tech world.

Brandon Lurie is the Growth Lead at Sequence, a personal finance startup helping individuals map their money better. After an extensive career in finance helping investors and consumers manage their money, he noticed a gap: individuals struggled to map their money clearly. And so he joined with teammates Oren, Tom, and Gilad to build Sequence: The world's first money map and financial router. Using data and best practices from hundreds of customers and clients, Brandon's has collated a trove of knowledge around best templates, formulas, and frameworks to help your clients manage their cash flow.