Major Changes to the College Process in 2024

When:  Apr 11, 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

The April 2024 Women & Finance Knowledge Circle will be held on Thursday, April 11th at 2 pm ET.

Guest speaker Cozy Whitman will be presenting, "Major Changes to the College Process in 2024."

SECURE Act updates have introduced significant changes to the college financial aid process in 2024 that will require new planning strategies for both parents and grandparents.

New this year are rules around the 529 plans and other college contributions, how multiple students in college are treated, financial aid for divorced families, and more. Certain middle- and upper-income families will qualify for less financial aid as a result and will need to plan differently.

Colleges have also shifted their admission and scholarship policies to favor certain criteria. Learn about these changes to help families successfully navigate the process and minimize debt. Mom's usually drive the college search so this will be need to know info for your clients as they begin their students' search process.

As Education and Partnership leader at College Inside Track, CozyWittman speaks nationally about college search, educating families and trainingfinancial advisors. College search has become increasingly complex, the nuanceshard to understand; Cozy is passionate about dispelling myths that costfamilies money! She’s been featured in The Journal of Financial Planning on thesubject of college planning.

Cozy is excited to connectwith organizations and families interested in learning more about the complexcollege search process.  She is a mom of 5 kids with very differentgoals for college so she is no stranger to the challenges around collegesearch.