Navigating AI in Content Creation: Understanding The Power and Perils of AI in Digital Marketing

When:  May 14, 2024 from 15:00 to 16:00 (ET)

The May 2024 Business Success Knowledge Circle will be held on Tuesday, May 14th at 3 pm ET.

Guest speaker Kristy Gusick will be presenting, "Navigating AI in Content Creation: Understanding The Power and Perils of AI in Digital Marketing."

Explore the transformative potential of using AI in your marketing efforts while also navigating the associated risks and compliance requirements. Learn how AI-driven strategies can enhance efficiency and engagement, but also understand the importance of including disclosures in all marketing efforts. Join us to strike a balance between innovation and ethics in leveraging AI for sustainable growth and client connections.

  1. Embrace Responsibility: Learn to combat misinformation and biases in AI-generated content through fact-checking algorithms and transparent processes.
  2. Balance Automation with Humanity: Understand that while AI enhances efficiency, it cannot replace the personalized touch of human input. Discover how to integrate AI auditing to infuse content with human insight.
  3. Navigate SEO Challenges: Prioritize high-quality content creation over algorithmic shortcuts to ensure sustained SEO success.
  4. Safeguard Content Integrity: Implement plagiarism detection tools and human oversight to maintain authenticity and brand identity.
  5. Foster Innovation with Ethics: Unlock the power of AI while safeguarding against risks by striking a balance between automation and human creativity.

Kristy Gusick is the founder and CEO of an outsourced marketing agency called Align Marketing Group where she leads a team of experienced marketing specialists help professional service firms (specifically financial advisors and accountants) market and grow their practices.  Her wealth of experience gives her a keen insight into the marketing strategies necessary for financial service firms to thrive in today's fiercely competitive marketplace.