About MentorMatch

Do you need guidance and support to advance in your career? Or, would you like to give back to the profession? Look to FPA MentorMatch! As an FPA member, you can take advantage of this program to receive best practices and tips from the experts. It also provides opportunities for experienced practitioners to guide and shepherd the next generation of financial planners. Check out the Program Overview and Requirements and see what others are saying.

FPA MentorMatch allows you the flexibility to create a mentoring relationship based on your unique needs. There are several ways you can participate - through your local FPA chapter or via the National program.

Chapter Program: 

  • If available, your chapter will provide a sequence of structured activities during a specified six month period including:
    - A clear start and end date, which provides clarity around the duration of the engagement.
    - Kick-Off Call where expectations can be set and mentees are coached on how to set their goals for the relationship.
    - A Program "Check-In Call" to share best practices and ideas.
    - Wrap-Up Call to celebrate successes.
  • The chapter will provide support to help guide the relationship and share feedback to participants along the way.
  • The chapter may be better suited to match you based on your preferences.

Please check with the local FPA chapter on the availability of the program and start dates.

National Program:

  • Connect with a mentor or mentee through the FPA Connect MentorMatch platform.
  • Participate at any time as it does not provide structured activities during a specific time-frame.

How to Get Started

Once you have determined how you would like to participate (e.g.,Chapter or National Program), you will use this platform to help facilitate your connection to a mentor or mentee. 

Step one:  Enroll as a mentor, a mentee, or both!  It only takes a moment to do.  

Step two:  Search the member database to find mentors and/or mentees.  You can choose how you want to connect -- either in-person, phone, chapter meeting, or via shared screen.

Step three:  Send an invitation to the mentors or mentees who are the best fit for you.  You can do this by visiting here to search for mentees and here to search for mentors.  Once you have found a mentor/mentee you like, click on the mentee/mentor badge under their picture (see image) to send them an invitation to connect.

Want to check on the status of your invites? Go to "My Mentoring Relationships."

Once your invitation is accepted, you can then connect. If taking part in the Chapter Program, please contact the local FPA chapter on the availability and program start date. If taking part of the National Program, please work with your mentor or mentee to get started.

Remember to check out helpful resources to help you get the most out of your experience.