Feedback and Testimonials

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      "The FPA addresses a hugely important need with the MentorMatch program.  Newer practitioners often find themselves working in a vacuum; they may or may not have the kinds of help they need close at hand.  The MentorMatch program allows practitioners to find the mentor they think will be the best match for their situation -- and pursue that connection.  I’ve found a mentor who’s a fabulous teacher, coach, and confidante, who points me to additional resources whenever I’ve exhausted hers.  I’m grateful to her and the FPA for making this connection possible!"     Lisa Weil, Seattle, WA

  "I thought the program was excellent.  I cannot say enough positive things about my mentor’s commitment to the process and the value I derived from it.  I feel that I am going into client and prospective client meetings with a better suite of tools to facilitate communication and engagement.”
Peter McKenna, Riverdale, NJ


  "This is a very effective method to develop one's practice.  The mentors can shorten the learning gap significantly for the mentees."
Jay Malik, Center Valley, PA


  "I had a great time and it's well worth it!  You will build lasting relationships and contacts in the business.  I might not have thought of doing this if the FPA program didn't initiate it." 
Lindsay Frazier, Mesa, AZ

"The 1 hour a month that I spent with my Mentor were the most valuable and insightful experiences that I have had in my career.  Your experience is whatever you make of it."
Casey Herron, Denver, CO

"The MentorMatch was a great experience.  It allowed me to get professional and experienced guidance in a industry that is very difficult to break into."
Ilan Folman-Cohen, Brooklyn, NY


   " I would like commend the excellent job Richard Kagawa did as my Mentor for the program. Throughout the 6 month program, Rick pushed me to develop new ideas on how planning should be looked at. He recommended multiple books, individuals, etc. which have really expanded my knowledge and thinking of financial planning. He was very accessible and made the whole process a joy to be a part of."

Bryan Tracy, Baltimore, MD


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“I’ve been involved in MentorMatch from the beginning and have had the privilege of serving as a Mentor for many financial planners at different stages of their career development. Newly-minted CFP Certificants, NextGen “newbies” & emerging leaders, wirehouse advisors & planners, independent planners & RIA owners – all have found new clarity and critical answers through their MentorMatch experience. FPA has created a tremendous benefit for its members with MentorMatch  –and it’s free, putting Mentees together with some of the best financial planners and leaders in the industry for six months!”                                   
Sam P. Hull, Arundale, ME

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“I have been very fortunate to receive sage advice and generous support throughout my career.  Having a mentor at various stages has been invaluable in helping me clarify my goals and make difficult decisions.  Today, I can help younger planners who have many of these same questions and challenges.  Being a mentor is not only about “paying it forward”, it is in itself genuinely rewarding to watch your mentee’s personal growth and enthusiasm for the profession”.      
Scott A. Stratton, Addison, TX