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Using Email to Start a Thread or Reply to a Post 

03-19-2015 14:17

You can both reply and start a thread from email.

On the daily digest, you can hit the blue buttons to reply. (see image below)

"Reply All Online" will direct you to the web site and "reply all email" will give you the ability to reply from your inbox. Both of these result in your post being sent to the entire community and archived on the Web site.

To get a post started via email, here are the two simple steps to make this happen.

First, be sure that you are using the email address that is on file with FPA. Otherwise, you post won't be recognized by FPA Connect, since this is a member only space.

Second, to reach out to the Member Open Forum, send the email to fpanet_memberopenforumne (Note: a space has been inserted to keep our platform from hiding part of the email address to fool those pesky 'bots. To use email address, remove the space between "ne" and @)

Your subject line will become the thread title. Any attachments made will be stored in the corresponding community library.

Want to get the email address for a different community? It is easy to do. Change your communication preference for that community to "real time". To change your communication preference, visit the community and click the "settings" button to the right of the community name. When you get a real-time post, hit reply. The email address generated is the one to use.

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